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(A)rtists (M)anifesting (P)owerful (D)reams

AMPDWear is an active wear clothing line that uplifts & brings awareness to the importance of artists, creatives & entrepreneurs taking care of themselves mentally & physically. So many of the most talented icons from our culture have unfortunately not reached their fullest potential or passed too soon, due to the lack of physical, emotional and mental care.

See yourself as MORE THAN just your craft.


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AMPD Essentials

Hoodie - Maroon

AMPD Essentials

Crop Hoodie - Big Peach

AMPD Essentials

Hoodie - Power Black

AMPD Essentials

Top - Snowfall White

AMPDWear Customer Reviews

"The hoodie is fire! Great fit as well. Tighter than I expected, but the fit is nice. Normally I wear baggy but I have seen a whole new world."

[AMPD Essentials Hoodie - Maroon]


It feels great and fits perfect! I love it!

[AMPD Essentials Crop Hoodie - Olive]


The crop top hoodie is madddd soft and just feels really cozy. I'm excited to wear it!

[AMPD Essentials Crop Hoodie - Olive]


It's big/loose in the torso but the sleeves fit well and I'm partial to looser fits in my sweats. Overall: 10/10 would recommend! It's so comfy and soft and I love that it has a hood!

[AMPD Essentials Crop Hoodie - Olive]